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Class decriptions the light yoga studio

Vinyasa Flow - 60/75 min

Mini Flow - 45 min

A class designed to have you ebbing and flowing.  Thoughtful sequenced postures that move you in all directions.  Take time to get grounded, ease tension, minimize stress while realigning with yourself and your practice.  Multilevel and suitable for all level Vinyasa practitioners.

Yin/Yang - 60 min

Experience the balance between Yin and Yang.  Explore range of motion, a calmer heart and mind with the release of yin and the energetic qualities of yang.  Multilevel and suitable for all levels of practitioners and great for beginners.

Qi Gong - 60 min

Qigong - pronounced "chee gong" - is the ancient practice of combining breath and movement  to create a state of calm and inner peace.  "Qi" is life force, or energy, and "gong" is practice.  So Qigong is the practice of moving energy around the body to relieve stress, tightness and tension, calm the mind, and energize the body.  Qigong's gentle movements and calm, centered breathing can help to stretch and strengthen joints and muscles; improve balance and flexibility; and help to circulate blood and oxygen throughout the body.  Our motto is to move every joint, every way, every day, and move the spine in all directions.  Qigong's deep breathing helps to reset the nervous system to relieve stress, anxiety and insomnia.  The mindfulness movement is very gentle and results can be achieved at all health and fitness levels.  Multilevel and suitable for all levels of practitioners and great for beginners.

Yoga Sculpt & Flow - 60 min

Are you ready to move?  Vinyasa meets barre in this dynamic body weight practice designed to spark a fire.  Move through deep core integration through this intermediate practice while finding new strength, stability and endurance to take your practice to a new level.  Multilevel and suitable for intermediate practitioners.

Hatha - 60 min

Find equilibrium in Hatha as you balance breath, body and mind.  This class encompasses the foundations of postures and breath in harmony.  Suitable for all levels of practitioners and great for beginners.

Gentle Hatha - 45/60 min

This class is full of mindful movements designed to tap into the healing intelligence of the body.  Focusing on building heat and bringing you deeper into the body and relaxing the mind.  Suitable for all levels of practitioners and great for beginners.

Rest & Restore - 45 min

Retreat and be gently led with us in a class devoted to rest and down regulation. With curated guided meditations to bring you ease, peace and restoration. Suitable for all levels of practice and great for beginners.

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