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The light yoga studio
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We created The LIGHT Yoga & Wholeness Studio especially for you.  At The Light yoga studio, we are devoted to the heart of yoga and all levels of practice.



We offer a variety of yoga classes with teachers who lead with the heart and a passion to practice and your wellbeing.

The Light studio is designed of space and light.  Practice with us in our 1250 square foot studio where there is space to move, space to breathe and space & light to simply be.

the light yoga studio

To provide a yoga sanctuary for all beings and practices.  We are devoted to the traditions and the heart of yoga that is capable of transformation inside and out.  We believe in the practice, community, connection, and supporting each other and our paths.  

At The Light, we invite you to unfold into healing, health and wholeness.

We can't wait to practice with you.


Mei-Ling Chow-Mintenko - Founder/Owner

Jessie Reid - Founder/Owner 


Co-founders of the light yoga studio
Mei-Ling, co-founder of the light yoga studio

Mei-Ling Chow-Mintenko

Mei-Ling has spent the last two decades on her mat and teaching about her passion for practice.  As a Core Strength Vinyasa trained teacher she is inspired by holistic movement, integration, adaptability, functional anatomy, breath centered and sustainable practices.  Her classes are led with strength and grace and she believes that this grace comes from "Our ability to be soft and strong in all the right places."  Mei-Ling teaches private sessions, signature workshops and The Light's exclusive 200 hr Fundamentals Teacher Training program.

Jessie Reid


Jessie offers over 18 years of experience in leading yoga classes that are devoted to creating an environment of personal transformation both on and off your mat.  This is done through intention setting, building awareness, moving meditation, conscience breath, and deep inner listening.


Jessie’s unique lyrical style of teaching will allow you to slow down, breathe deeply and move through creative and artful yoga classes that will ultimately lead to deep release of tension in mind and body.


Her fun loving and no pressure approach to the traditional teachings of Vinyasa Flow yoga as well as meditation and restorative postures open up the deeper healing aspects of these practices in an accessible and relevant way.

“Yoga is a beautiful form of art expressed through body and breath.”

Jessie, co-founder of the light yoga studio
Karrie, teacher at the light yoga studio

Karrie Jameson

Karrie completed her Teacher Training in 2020, a decision made for cathartic reasons. As a form of therapy and healing she embarked on a journey that would lead her to teach.  Teaching  yoga became a practice of cleaning the heart and creating space for others to connect to and to go inside the body.  Led with the simple principle "We move the body to free the mind."  Her classes create an oceanic experience that moves stagnant energy through.  Expansive and simple postures guided by carefully curated and soulful music, you will leave her class feeling more rooted in Self love.

Cindy Devine

Cindy has been a herbalist and natural health practitioner for 25 years.  She has always believed that the body, mind, and emotions are closely linked. Since 2010, this led her to teach gentle yoga, and then multiple forms of Qi gong including Korean, medical, and women's Qi gong.

Constantly learning and expanding her practice, Cindy has taught students of all age ranges and conditions. Including children, mentally and physically challenged youth, adults, and the elderly.  "All ages and abilities are open to healing and stress reduction through this practice, with the youngest student being 4 and the eldest, 96".

The practice of Qi gong keeps Cindy centered and balanced through  stressful life events and she looks forward to teaching and passing along the benefits to you.

Cindy, teacher at the light yoga studio
Sherry, teacher at the light yoga studio

Sherry Matwe

Certified in 2010, yoga has been there for Sherry in so many capacities.  It's a lifestyle and Sherry teaches to be a part of it and to give back.  Always seeking and continuing to honor her teachers by practicing, learning and sharing an approachable practice.  Yoga is her past and future.  "It's with me all day, everyday.  I learn and share and nothing more and nothing less.  Yoga is a paradox, the gift you have to give away."

Allison Myers

When Aly attended her first yoga classes, she jumped in with both feet and never looked back. She felt a spark that ignited her mind, body & soul connection through practicing regularly. This passion lead her to pursue & complete her 200 hr YTT in 2020. 

Growing up she was a dancer & a cheerleader until an injury that lead her to need back surgery.  Feeling lost and like a piece of herself was missing until she found yoga.  Aly believes "Yoga is a beautiful blend of movement and breath that is available to anyone and everyone."

She looks forward to guiding and sharing together in all of the beauty that is yoga!

Aly, teacher at the light yoga studio
Sue, teacher at the light yoga studio

Sue Utley

Sue is a former EAL (English as an Additional Language) teacher, Yoga Instructor, Flexibility Coach and Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. She continues to partake in her passion for teaching. She now shares the benefits of movement, breath work, emotional clearing and yoga with her students.


She creates a safe, non-judgemental, all-inclusive space that allows all people the opportunity to move, feel, learn, grow and heal. "Movement can make living in our bodies feel like a safe exploration". Her wish for her students is that they may find something that empowers them from within.

Lindsey Konecsni

For Lindsey, Yoga became a pathway of discovery that involved far more than just the physical practice. This led her on a journey to the Himalayas to study Ashtanga Yoga which provided such profound emotional and spiritual healing.

“I know from my own experience and fellow students, that regular daily practice leads to real lasting peace. It is a path through your own consciousness.  A practice that began with the sages of India and culminates in the millions of people who practice yoga today."

Lindsey, teacher at the light yoga studio
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